Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Blizzard Bag Work Winter 2018!

French I
Option 1: Do 25 *undistracted* minutes of French Duolingo
Option 2: Make flashcards for the most recent chapter's vocabulary.
The flashcards can be paper/note cards OR made on Quizlet or another flashcard app.
Make sure that all words are accounted for with English on on side and the French word on the back.

Spanish III
Option 1: Read AND annotate one page of CDC (Cajas de cartón)...
Do NOT spend more than 35 minutes on this.
Option 2: Make flashcards (English/Spanish) for the current CDC vocabulary. Can be
paper flashcards or online (Quizlet or another flashcard app.).

Spanish IV
Option 1: Do 35 *undistracted* minutes of Spanish Duolingo
Option 2: Complete the comic strip Spanish writing activity (instructions previously given in class).

Any questions? Email me at mmccrum@sau53.org